Monday, December 12, 2011


Well! This here blog has been dormant for a long time! I have been working on a post of all the things I've been doing in Georgia, however it will have to wait because I'm off again on another big trip. I'm sitting right now in a hotel room in BOSTON! I finished my semester on Thursday afternoon, then left at 6 30 am on Saturday morning to get here.

Here's me and my room mates about to leave! Behind us is our transportation, dora the ford explorer. It get's us from A to B with a little bit of trouble. There's Philip from Denmark on the right, and Ben from Nigeria in the middle. Gustavo from Brasil is taking the photo. This was taken in Augusta, GA with Boston MA as the destination. If you drove it without stopping, it'd be a 17 hour drive, no biggie :)

 We started at 6 30, and drove with a few stops on the way until we reached Berlin Connecticut at about 11 that night. First real experience of cabin fever i reckon haha, we checked in at a cheap motel for the night, then got straight back on the road at 8 30

Over the trip we passed through 11 states (if you include DC) and finally made it to boston at about 10 30 on Sunday.

Here's me and Philip and Gustavo trying to figure out where to go first.. as you can probably tell by the photo, it's blooooody cold here! -1 or -2 i think!! wow.

We wasted no time in getting out and checking out the city, our hotel was right in downtown, so we just dropped our things and started our sight seeing. Here's me sliding down the rails outside the town hall, the building in the centre that I'm facing is Faneuil Hall, the first stop on the freedom trail.

Here's the four of us with Samuel Adams, the guy who kicked off the american revolution, and also the inspiration for the name of a tasty Boston brewed beer.

Here's me in Faneuil Hall.

Here's the stage in the hall, it's a pretty amazing building

We planned to meet up with four of the GRSP girls who were in Boston at the same time as us, so here we all are outside Massachusetts State House. This building was particularly exciting for me because it's on the Boston level of Tony Hawks underground 2, and you have to grind off the heads of the statues, it was really cool walking around Boston because i kept seeing land marks from the game. From right to left you have Ben, Me, Michaela from South Africa, Philipa from Sweden, Becky from Wales, Agnetha from Denmark, Gustavo and Philip.

Once we found the girls we all got back on the freedom trail. Boom!

Donkey riding, that's becky from wales on the right

all of us by a maaaaassive christmas tree!

made a quick stop at urban outfitters for a pair of boots, the canvas shoes just weren't cutting it in the cold! 

 Got my feet nice and toasty, then while the girls were still shopping, me and the boys found a little tavern for a liquid lunch with Samuel Adams, not a bad drop.

Then I lost the bottom of my legs but got to wear larry birds shoes

Found a rotary sign!

Got all the rotary students in for a photo with the sign!

Made friends with a statue

Found the coolest part of town!

Ran into a christmas parade, with santas, marching bands, mini fire trucks, all that good stuff.

Everyone enjoying the show..

We then hit a restaurant for coffee while the sun went down (at 4 30 in the afternoon!) then carried on the freedom trail which took us all over the city, took a self timed photo on the steps outside the bunker hill monument.

The monument, I never caught this guys name but he looks like Zoro without his mask

Wandered round some wicked cool streets

I even found the skinniest house in the world! If I ever move to boston then I'll have to live here. I'm pretty sure this house was purpose built for skinny people haha skinny hall ways and everything

We really wanted to go sing Karaoke but couldn't find any Karaoke bars so we got back to the hotel room and improvised. The rules were you couldn't pick your own song, and everybody had to sing. This is me singing ricky martin, liiiivin la vida loca yeow!

We even had the youtube karaoke videos going on.

after a bloody good day the girls went back to their hotel and we crashed.. It's now monday morning as I'm finishing up here, and the boys have all gone off to check out the harvard campus, I've decided to spend my morning checking out the Berklee music campus, see what it's got on Auckland Uni. While try and keep updating as I go, we leave for NY tomorrow! YEEEEEEOW!!

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