Friday, July 29, 2011

LA Day 2: Universal Studios & Amoeba Records

So if you read the first post you'll know I got to bed last night at 2 am, woke up today at 1 pm. Felt pretty great after my 11 hours sleep. We got straight into day 2! I realise this might be a bit intense posting every day, but I want to try and document as much of this trip as possible and get into a rhythm of posting when I'm doing cool things.. at the moment we're doing cool things everyday! Yeow!

We wasted no time in getting going on our day. We started with lunch at a legit american diner called patys

It reminded me of the time i had a grilled cheese sandwich in New Zealand from dennys..

It was pretty disappointing in NZ but pretty impressive in US.. Maybe its because the NZ one was from Denny's in Albany ahaha

After Lunch we hit Universal studios! We didn't go in the theme park, but we cruised around all the stuff there. Check it out!

Me being a ninja, and Cody being a Lion
Us being cool with our new band tees from hot topic
 Cody's about to get slapped in the face by King Kong
 Me rocking out shamelessly under the giant hard rock flame stratocaster hahaha

Us by the universal sign, I got Australia right between my arms
 Me and Bianca
Then we cruised back to the apartment, here's a shot of me looking cool with my new ramones tee
We shot out again for my highlight of the day.. AMOEBA RECORDS!!
Snapped this pic outside capitol records on the way
Then we got to amoeba!
 Search is on!
 Search some more..
 Got it!
 Happy shoppers
First catch.. Smiths, Girls and Dylan

Then the tastiest, cheapest, most legit mexican food ever for dinner! Poquito Mas

Another epic day in LA! Heading to San Fransisco tomorrow! YEOW!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Flights and First day in LA

So. It's 12 30 am on Tuesday morning in LA. Or 7 30 pm on Tuesday night in NZ. At 3 30 am on monday morning I was up and at em to get to the airport by 4, and haven't slept since. I've been awake for 40 hours!

Here's a little taste of whats been going down over the last 40 hours..



Woke up with the family at a little motel in Mangere, 5 min away from the airport. Went and checked in then we all sat up in the food court. Drank my last flat white and played some MD with nick. We all had a great time laughing at ben after his performance at my 21st!! Then said goodbye and got in the plane to Brisbane, customs in NZ is mean because its quick as. Flight was all good, rickety old plane with no entertainment, you had to pay for water haha! had a few hours in Brisbane so changed some money for lunch. After the 4 dollar fee to change my money, my 20 NZ dollars got me 10 dollars and fifty five cents australian! just enough for a chicken sub and some internet time :) Then straight onto LA. Got ticketed in a exit row seat which was BAD. ASS. Heaps of leg room, and 3 seats between me and this hippy dude from melbourne on his way to the burning man festival. Didn't sleep on the plane. Watched a crap ton of sit-coms on the pull out computer and before I knew it was 6 am in LA and we were touching down!!

American Customs:

Myself and about 300 other travelers all came to the customs desks at the same time. I don't know why but there was like 3 customs officers taking about 5 min per person to process all of us. You could see a group of maybe 7 or 8 other customs officers all on smoke-o. SO TOKEN. I'm pretty sure they were eating doughnuts ahahaha! Anyway they eventually got to work. I don't know how but I ended up being one of the last to process, and when I got to the counter they said I needed to fill out another form, so I had to go fill it out, meanwhile another 300 travelers came out to go through customs and I ended up right at the back of the line AGAIN. Long story short two hours later I was walking out of there with a smile on my face! To be greeted by my friend Cody!


Cody and I got straight into catching up where we'd left off about a year and a half ago when he left NZ, we hit traffic on the way into LA because it was 9 o'clock by the time we got on the freeway. First thing I noticed was the heat! It felt like Tauranga in Febuary. Such a perfect sunny day. First thing I did when we got to the car was walk straight up to the drivers door thinking it was the passenger side ahaha stuck in my kiwi ways. After about an hour of navigating our way through LA we made to Hollywood to Cody's friend Bianca's apartment. We came in and crashed the living room with all my stuff, and a little later Bianca woke up for introductions. Bianca is a bubbly girl (she reminds me a lot of Layce) from Phoenix originally, living in LA and working at the disney studio doing something I don't really understand. After driving round in her car all day I assume its probably just hanging out with demi and miley because it was all we listened to haha she played us some of her friends songs and one of her songs which was really really great! One of her friends Chase is a talented producer who records these EPIC pop tunes in his bedroom. SO professional! It puts our garageband demos to shame in a big way haha!

We left her apartment and went up this hill where we got this epic view of the Hollywood sign and as much of LA as you could see. It was a beautiful clear day but there was so much pollution that the city was covered in this sort of haze. LA is HUGE! We took some photos and then cruised to this cafe called 'Aroma'. I told the barista at the cafe how to make a flat white and ordered a taco. Check out the photo. You know your in america when you order a taco and they bring you a giant mixing bowl sized taco filled to the brim with mexican!! And a coffee 3 times the size of one from NZ. After lunch we headed out to this guy Chases's house where Cody was gonna play mandolin on a recording for chases uncle mike. This beautiful country song, Cody slayed the mando parts! I'll put up a link to the song when its finished.

From there we cruised to this frozen yoghurt place called yoghurt land, all these crazy different flavours and extra toppings. They had a taro flavor!!! for all the bros haha. they even had a pistachio nut flavour.. weird. And you pay by the weight of it. pretty tasty! Then we hit up the hollywood strip which was pretty cool, I couldn't really find any of the stars I wanted to see like john lennon or bob dylan.. i did get some photos with chuck norris's one, david bowies one, and with the everly brothers one.. there was this dude there who was posing as michael jackson and he looked freakishly like him! super plastic face aha. And a dude dressed up as a transformer!?!? so weird. He didn't transform when I asked him to. Then we hit up in and out burger. They have 3 burgers, ham, cheese and double cheese. The small drink was the size of a large one back home. and its like under 5 bucks for a combo! So sick.

We went from there back to Chases house for a jam, we played a mumford and sons song with all four of us singing, me, cody, chase and bianca. Raddest harmonies! So sick.. Then just came back here to the apartment. I really hit a wall today at about 3 o'clock. Felt SO tired. So I had this little energy drink about the size of one of those V pocket rockets.. It was called 5 hour energy. Flip it worked! As soon as i took a sip I felt so energised, it started messing with my brain too, I think I went a bit crazy. So anyways that's partly to blame for me still being awake.

Heres some photos from the day!